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These fast low cost uncontested divorces work well for couples who want an agreeable divorce. Uncontested divorce might be right for you if you and your partner do not have much property to divide and if you have no children. It also can be a good idea if you and your spouse have already agreed on things like how to split property or share parenting time.

Many people who pursue uncontested divorces have only been married a short time. They realize that their marriages just aren't working out, and they respect each other enough to end things without a big fight.

At my law firm, you can set aside these worries. You'll find a lawyer who is easy to work with — not some stranger in a suit, but a real person who knows what it's like and who knows what can be done to help. You'll also find options that fit your budget, like low-cost uncontested divorces that won't put you into debt.

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I can help you understand what to expect in an uncontested divorce, and whether or not that kind of divorce might be right for you. The best way to get started is to talk with me. Consultations are comfortable and confidential. They can often be done over the phone. Just call toll free at (571) 421-2773 or complete my online contact form.