Uncontested Divorce Qualifications

Are your qualified for an uncontested divorce?

There is no one thing that qualifies you for an uncontested divorce. People with all types of marriages successfully complete uncontested divorces. Some have been married for months. Others for decades.

The main thing is that you and your spouse agree on what you want. You both see the value of not spending time fighting things out in court. Instead, you just want to come to an agreement, sign some paperwork and move forward with your lives.

Often, uncontested divorce is easier when your lives haven’t been complicated by having children together, buying a house, acquiring assets or taking on debt. That’s why we work with many couples who have been married only a short time. It’s simply easier to agree on things when there are few things to agree about. However, uncontested divorce can still be an option when life is complex.

Signs that an uncontested divorce might be right for you:

  • You haven’t been married that long.
  • You just want to put the past behind you and move on.
  • You and your spouse aren’t involved in complex financial transactions together.
  • You don’t have children together.
  • If you do have children, you agree about who should have custody.
  • You and your spouse agree that you don’t want to spend time fighting in court.
  • There are no domestic violence issues involved.
  • You have the details of your divorce worked out; you don’t need to hear it from a judge.

You and your spouse are still able to sit down and talk about important matters together, even though your relationship has not worked out.
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